Christian Jennings Barnes

While on a business trip to Richmond, IN,  I was accosted by Christian Barnes. WIthin 5 minutes of checking in to my hotel and on my way to my room, I was viciously attacked by Barnes (also staying at the hotel while on a business trip) in what could only be described as a hate crime based on the vile homophobic slurs he was screaming at me and why he threatened to kill me. I was held against my will in the middle of the 4th floor until the police were able to come rescue me. The attack was so bad that police arrested him and filed 4 charges against him (RP2021-00635) and Hilton banned him for life from ever staying at any of their locations. The behavior of Barnes was so comfortable to him that it couldn't be his first time doing something like this and RPD eluded to him being a repeat offender. 
It should also be of great concern that Hilton will not release the footage of the attack to me. Are women safe staying at Hilton properties if Hilton helps cover up attacks? The Witness Group is the owner of the Home2 Suites where I was attacked and their corporate policy is to refuse release of footage. The properties are managed by Hotel Equities. When I approached Hilton directly, they say that they have no power to help in getting the release. That makes them complicit in protecting Barnes and powerless to do anything about anything that happens in a hotel with their name on it.  
His response to his wife and hotel staff was to say that he had been drugged at the bar he was drinking in. Hotel staff say he arrived sober. When he approached me, he had a bottle in his hand that he was drinking. Police threw the bottle away after taking him into custody. 
A lot of details have been revealed about Barnes after the fact... we have found out that his father is Dr. Kenneth Barnes, professor at Gordon Conwell, a "seminary" college. Were the actions of Barnes a result from a radical religious upbringing? His actions certainly fit the FBI profile. 
This is his apology to me. I HAVE a PTSD therapist, it is not something I "claim". Also, apologies littered with excuses and conjunctions like "if" or "but" essentially nullify any sincerity.